General Manufacturing

As manufacturing becomes
more competitive

Organizations must innovate how they deliver value to their customer. Maintaining a competitive
edge now requires instant insight into costs, quality control and supply chain.

Project & Production Management

Manage your projects and production with added efficiency to increase profits, reduce costs, and ensure on time production.

Supply Chain Management

Create and manage sales and purchase orders, including blanket orders and automated transactions based on EDI standards.

Material Resource Planning

Comprehensive material management features including order and stock-related production, mixed and variant production and more.

Multi Warehouse Management

Implement enhanced inventory management capabilities with advanced warehouse and bin location tracking.

Dashboards & Reporting

Gain a 360 view of your customers and business operations. Make real-time, data driven decisions to drive growth.

Price Configurator & Estimations

Quickly and easily prepare estimates for regular products or quotations for custom manufacturing orders.