Infor M3

M3 is the class leader in the ERP market dtue to a combination of our industry experience, our approach to business and the Java technology on which our M3 suite is based. This technology allows us to build integrations through a web services framework, significantly reducing development cost, implementation time and total cost of ownership. It is this technology that means M3 can offer 3,500 standard integration points on seven levels, making it the most open enterprise management system on the market today.

M3 offers ultimate flexibility in operations, technology, and scale. As a multi-site, multi-country, and multi-company solution for distribution, manufacturing, retail, maintenance and service sector industries across 40 countries. We focus on a clearly defined set of specific vertical industries, including amongst others Fashion and Food Industry is our largest vertical focus, both in terms of deployed software users and in terms of percentage of our revenue. M3 empowers your organization to adapt to changing business needs. It provides flexibility in managing mixed-mode and complex environments, with the agility to make quick adjustments at any time